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Guitarist Available For Rock Bands In Portland
Posted by Adam Watson 7 months ago


Hi, I’m looking to join a band or start one myself. I’ve been playing guitar and writing songs for 23 years. I’ve played in bands but somehow find myself being the most driven Person. Ive played with great people, I still do, but I want to go far as I can. So I’m only looking to play with serious driven, all in situation. If I’m working on my own thing I really want to do music similiar to Pink Floyd. Not their music, not copy but In the general approach of space and themed albums with driving music. I can play everything from blues to sweep arpeggios. I can read music, I understand theory, and Ive been learning piano. I recently at the new year decided to go all in. I play, study, write, and record every day for 5-8 hours. I am super open minded as far as working with others and I’m not arrogant nor do I think I’m better then anyone. I have no problem turning down and dont want to over play. Hit me up I have many tracks I’ve recorded. Hope to find something serious.

Seems Like Guitar demo by Adam Watson

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