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Saxophone Player Available For Any Bands In Edmonton
Posted by Phil 7 months ago


I play (at a professional level) sax, flute, bass, guitar, keyboard (synths and piano), drums, vocals, clarinet, and percussion (chimes, shakers, claves, cabasa). I am able to go into any band/church, and play any instrument - by ear or by music. I've played and/or performed with Mickey Joseph, Starship, Miami Sound Machine, Huey Lewis and the News, KC and the Sunshine Band, Peter Noone, The Drifters, Hank Williams Jr, The Beach Boys. I'm the guy who invented and holds the Trademark for "Pyro Sax" and "MC Squared".

Phone 780-942-2795 (land line)

I have performed on Television NUMEROUS times, and have been featured in magazines and even local newspapers. (see my referral on The Eagles' site:

I have all professional equipment, and I know when to play, and when to "back off". Let me come and audition for your Church. I no longer do "jams" - only paid bands and free Churches. Unlike most "famous" performers, I sing and play WITHOUT auto-tune or chirp tracks. These video clips are live, and energetic, so I do what Prince, Janet Jackson, Madonna DO NOT do - I play for real.

I have headset mics, condenser and dynamic mics, mixer, even several PA systems. Too much pro equipment to list here, but will gladly send upon request.

Phil Chapman
Phone 780-942-2795 (land line)

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