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Singer Wanted For Rock Band In Los Angeles
Posted by High Street about 1 month ago


High Street is a hard rock, heavily blues influenced band out of Chicago based in LA. We are currently holding auditions for a new lead singer to be on our new album and eventually be a committed member of our band.

We are looking for someone who is:
-either make or female
-between the ages of 18-25
-strong performance history
-can sing hard rock/blues
-can commit to writing original lyrics and music

Attached below is our music and socials, so feel free to listen up on us and check us out. If you meet the criteria and are interested in auditioning, please CONTACT US:

Text Erik: 312-771-8142

Website: https://highstreetofficial.com/
EPK: https://highstreetofficial.com/epk/
FB: @wearehighstreet
IG: @highstreetofficial
Twitter: @wearehighstreet
Spotify: High Street
Apple Music: High Street
YT: @highstreetrocks

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