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Musician Wanted For Rock Band In Sydney
Posted by Harleo 6 days ago


We are 15 years old. We are looking for a keyboard player, drum player and bass player. I am a guitar player and if you want to play guitar in this band, you can pick to play rhythm or lead. Only 1 guitarist will be picked as well as each of the other instruments. We are going for a sound like europe, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Queen and a bit of AC/DC.
We don't do drugs, vapp or puff bars or heavy drinking.

We both have performed live before as soloists and have been to the studio once and recorded a demo. Our band name is Harleo and if you want to change it, you are welcome to change it as long as its approoriate. This band belongs to the members who are/will be in this band. This band will lead into a music career so its not for a little hobby, as an actual job. Make sure you want to pursue a music career.

Ages 12-19yrs

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