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How to Build a Music Business Startup - FREE ONLINE COURSE Posted by about 2 months ago


Official Launch Friday April 2, 2021

The market and exposure opportunities for new music are bigger than ever. And the number of musicians on the market is bigger than ever. Somebody has to bring them together to make the music happen and get it out there. You like music and you are looking for a new gig.

What skills can you transfer from your old job to the music industry? A question that many people are asking themselves. They don’t know enough about the insides of the music industry to feel confident to make a career shift. Like any industry there are many different parts that make up the whole. has compiled a small library of papers into an online course. To see if the music business is right for you, and if it is, how to go about it. is a web zine founded by people with decades of hands-on experience in arts, media and entertainment. works on and researches what is going on in the industry from the backend.

The Music Business Course
Is a free intensive online course with different types of music businesses and careers. And the nitty grits of startup, getting videos funded, staffing, pay and proven marketing and PR methods.


Different types of music businesses and careers. Startup how to's. Music biz history. Business branding, market research, save the world marketing and contracts.

SNEEK PREVIEW… of the full course…

Check it out and let me know that you think:)

Deborah Paulino


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