DoLL Birmingham, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Misa, a vocalist who's heavily influenced by J-rock and the fashion style Visual kei
I'm looking to start up a band round about Mid-May, Right now Me and my friend Arianna have named it "Rose Holic" the name might be changed, but theres no rush, right now i'm in need of two guitarists, a drummer and a bass player, all need to be living in birmingham and around areas, if you can get to the Bullring city centre thats good enough for me

Now, my influences come from Matenrou Opera, Versailles, Skywings, Kaya, Art cube and tons more, but I want my style to be a mix between primarily, Dark symphonic metal but some songs with Darkwave elements and so forth

Fashion wise, I'm looking for members who will be commited to dress up in Aristocrat-esque outfits including hair and make up