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Jill Tamarr Loughrea, Ireland

I do the primary vocals and songwriting for VO currently, and am purely ND.ND.NBHFL., meaning "no drink, no drugs, no beating hearts for lunch," (with the latter referring to a meatless diet and generally nobody for lunch, i.e. no bullying, etc.). A lot of my influences spring from about a year and a half living in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the early 90's, when I used to visit a place called "The Pagan House" on Saturday nights after hours, just to watch live bands. Most of the groups I saw during that time were of the alternative underground scene (and not really heard on the radio). I'd kind of slip in and slip out, liked the pop scene but later dreaded the drug culture that seemed to follow it. Since then, I still seek the same things in a way, however more naturalistic (if I can integrate it) and with the hope to create a similar pop culture, one that includes all the art and talent (while without any of the drug scene) through promoting ND.ND.NBHFL. and also seeking opportunities to work in environments that promote the same. The picture shown is the back cover to an ep I would like to produce with musicians, entitled "Beats Between The Seats." It is a compilation of VO songs and would be the debut album, when released. Other music projects include "The Fisher Bros."


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VO (Alternative)