Will Greeves Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I’m an amateur musician and songwriter looking mainly to find singers (male or female) to sing my songs. I write in a number of genres, including rock, country, heavy metal, some hip hop/rnb, ballads and garage rock. Subjects range from politics, love, family and quirky character profiles, with a lot of pop culture references thrown in. I’m happy to settle with online collaborations at the moment, but eventual live performance is not out of the question, if I can find the right people.

I’ve been doing the (bedroom) muso/songwriter thing for the last seven or so years. My main instruments are guitar, bass and computer/samples, with a smidgen of piano/keyboards thrown in. I like songs that have meaningful lyrics and snappy, memorable phrases. Some of my favourite songwriters are Ray Davies (the Kinks), Andy Partridge (XTC), John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Paul Kelly, Nick Cave, Justin Hayward (Moody Blues) and Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy).

Rather than subject casual listeners to my voice (it’s crap – that’s why I need singers!) all songs featured here will be the instrumental versions. I’ll post vocal versions and lyrics to anyone genuinely interested in my stuff who email me. Okay?


Groversmill sm

Grover's Mill (Electronica)