Musolist Podcast

We've had the best time ever putting together a radio show of the best damn bands you've never heard of! We are creating a incredible sense of community with the bands and to our delight, some of the bands have teamed up and played shows together and we would love to be at every single show. For no other reason then to shake the hands of the band members, watch an incredible set and then go live at the show and bring parts of it back to those of you that couldn't make it.

Musolist Podcast

295: Morning Commute w/Nick #295

Jamaica by Irie AC

Joy by Ric Hassani

Magic by Christian Heath

Perfect Is Dead by Renno

The Anything by Kokopele

I’m A Tribe by A-Wa

Deep Breath by The Dowling Poole

Pienso by...

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    Morning Commute w/Nick #294

    Who Do You Love by Satellite Sky

    Under The Gun by The 89

    Taking Me Over by People Who Could Fly

    Hey You I Know Your Name by My Own Therapy

    Knight In Shining Armor by Liam...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #293

    Carry My Heart by Toni Sidgwick

    Tin Soldier by Matt Lindsey

    Gone by Tim Johnson

    Meet Me On The Horizon by Chris Taylor

    Entre Ciel Et Terre by Emmanuel Felix

    Sex On My Mind by...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #292

    Microverse by Lossy & Strangers

    FRI by Ayowa

    Misbehaving by RoseGold

    Fool Like Me by Penny Police

    Far Away by Jessica Childress

    Wider Seas by Voodoo Rays

    Virgil by Sights &...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #291

    In The Wake-Soul by Dream Aria

    Brooklyn Love by Demi

    Lonely by Lunar Rogue

    Cill The Choreographer by Giftshop

    Blind Curtain by Castle Black

    Bounce Your Boobies by Rusty Warren


    Morning Commute w/Nick #290

    Under The Gun by The 89

    Lullaby by Fall Of Man

    Burn Out by Kill For Eden

    Fake by Lazy Ambition

    Close To The Surface by Ben Rupert

    Wide Eyes Thinking by Third Time Luckie


    Morning Commute w/Nick #289

    Stay by Angie & The Deserters

    Sex On My Mind by Jay Stansfield

    Entre Ciel Et Terre by Emmanuel Felix

    Pale Damp Cheeks by Etaoin Rowe

    88 Keys by Ibby

    Let Me In by Gordy Garris


    Morning Commute w/Nick #288

    Adapter Card by Arkestar

    Microverse by Lossy & Strangers

    Feeling Good by Ilya Kipnis

    I See You by Silent Riders

    Ragamuffin Boy by Tyrone Theman

    Do Not Disturb Me When I’m...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #287

    Tin Soldier by Matt Lindsey

    Aliens Slide by Ben Rupert

    Taking Me Over by People Who Could Fly

    The Man I Had To Become by Astral Cloud Ashes

    Runaway by Josh Wheatley

    Where Wild...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #286

    Fri by Ay-owa

    Supergirl by Quiet Boy

    Wider Seas by Voodoo Rays

    Ouija Board by The Crooked & The Straight

    Montreal Train Song by Carly Thomas

    Pulsar by Steph Sweet

    The Beautiful...

    The Musolist Top 40 Countdown Show with E Train for Week 19 2017

    Every day we play songs on Musolist's Morning Commute with Nick. This is the Top 40 based on the popularity of songs that make it onto that show.

    Support us at...

    Morning Commute w/Nick#285

    Microverse by Lossy & Strangers

    I See You by Silent Riders

    Give Me by Jonas Lind

    Graces by Amy Steele

    Alchemy by Marlene Enright

    Tastemaker by Katie LAffan

    Perfect Is Dead by...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #284

    I Hear The Dead by Dolly Spartans

    S’Wonderfool by Arkestar

    Home by Sheepy

    She’s Come Undone by Neil Searle

    Kalashnikov by The New Resistants

    The Mirror by The Dark Yard

    Hey You...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #283

    Taking Me Over by People Who Can Fly

    Never To Be Seen Again by Yellowell

    Alone In The Crowd by Lazy Ambition

    Joy Forever by Spawn

    Evil Twin by Ben Walker & The Noise

    Lies by...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #282

    Everybody’s Wearing My Hat by The Shrimps

    My Best Gal by Sickstring Outlaws

    17 Days by Angie & The Deserters

    California Country Girl by Feed The Kitty

    Mercury by Augustus