Musolist Podcast

We've had the best time ever putting together a radio show of the best damn bands you've never heard of! We are creating a incredible sense of community with the bands and to our delight, some of the bands have teamed up and played shows together and we would love to be at every single show. For no other reason then to shake the hands of the band members, watch an incredible set and then go live at the show and bring parts of it back to those of you that couldn't make it.

Musolist Podcast

380: Morning Commute w/Nick #380

Rebel by Blitzen Trapper

Flicker by The Loft Club ft Lisa Loeb

Crazy Idea by Jessica Lynn

Emily by Sometimes Julie

Montreal Train Song by Carly Thomas

17 Days by Angie & The...

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    Morning Commute w/Nick #379

    Into The Wind by Josh Pyke

    Someone Take Care by Black Cherry LIghtnin

    you’ve Disappeared by Graham Mitchell

    Road Less Traveled by Feed The Kitty

    Bluesbreaker by The Wisted Dolls...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #378

    Te Fan Bam by Copenama

    Melanin by DeQn Sue

    Pick Me Up by Guts

    Melanin Poppin by Fudakochi

    I Trusted U by Rory ft Maya Isacowitz

    Alchemy by Marlene Enright

    Fri by Ayowa

    Fool Like...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #377

    More Like This by Cooper Blood Band

    She Said by Violet Youth

    Second Chances by A Wild Frontier

    Look Look Look by Velvet Volume

    Oh My My by The Severed Limb

    Electric by The Raise...

    Morning Commute w/Nick#376

    B Child by The White Russian

    Really Thought She Loved Me by The White Russian

    Hide by Heavy Suns

    Where Have You Been by Port Cities

    Aghouri by Sights & Sages

    Just Fine i Like It...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #375

    Hater by Gordy Garris Group

    More Like This by Cooper Blood Band

    She Said by Violet Youth

    Look Look Look by Velvet Volume

    Beat Of Your Heart by Stateside

    Just For The Night by...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #374

    Flicker by The Loft Club ft Lisa Loeb

    Pale Damp Cheeks by Etaoin Rowe

    Tin Soldier by Matt Lindsey

    The Pest by James Martin Carson

    The Hell I AM by Hick’ry Hawkins & Sidemeat


    Morning Commute w/Nick #373

    Carry Me Back by Stone Age Man

    Emily by Sometimes Julie

    Gonna Be Alright by Rebecca Jade & The Cold Fact

    Little Black Ballerina by Tori Roze & The Hot Mess

    Air by Tennessee Tina...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #372

    Silence & Sound by Cormac O’Caomh

    Fool For You by Penny Police

    Shiver by Josh Wheatley

    I’ll Be There by Silver Wilson

    I Trusted U by Rory ft Maya Isacowitz

    Really Thought SHe...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #371

    Melanin Poppin by Fudakochi

    Pick Me Up by Guts

    It’s Been A While by Normanton Street

    Bang Bang by Ceasar

    Joy Forever by Spawn

    Party Party Party by Kansas Smitty’s House Band


    Morning Commute w/Nick #370

    Robot Heart by Cesium Swimsuit

    Oceans Of Lights by Paper Mache Kisses

    Reign by Jynks

    Replacement Lovers by Church Of The Undecided

    Bang Bang by Ceasar

    Go Awf by Prince Airick


    Morning Commute w/Nick #369

    Crying Now by The Wild Things

    Evil Twin by Ben Walker & The Noise

    Taking Me Over by People Who Could Fly

    Thrown To The Floor by Vala

    Never Again Until The Next Time by The...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #368

    Good To Be Alive by Cathryn Beeks

    Clouds by Mikhal

    Asylum by Lindsey White

    Speaking Louder by Christine Irizarry

    Messy by DeQn Sue

    Burnout by Kill For Eden

    Lonely by Lunar Rogue...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #367

    Where Have You Been by Port Cities

    Mountain Fires by The Mining Co.

    Riverbed by Milk ’N Honey

    Carry Me Back by Stone Age Man

    The Hell I Am by Hick’ry Hawkins & Sidemeat

    Sorry by...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #366

    Where Wild Flowers Grow Fondly by Andy Oliveri & The Mountaineers

    Cabin by Aelita Red

    Wider Seas by Voodoo Rays

    Angels by Kingdom Of Lights

    Supergirl by Quiet Boy

    Really Thought...